fredag 1. juni 2012

Papirer fra Kort & Godt

Den nye serien Blomsterglede Roser - Syriner - Fioler og Liljekonvall. Tilhørende diecuts og sommerfugl utklippsark som matcher papirene.

2 kommentarer:

Magda sa...

Thank you Gro for your comment on my card that means a lot to me!
I started searching on the net to buy this gorgeous papers , the only problem is that the language is always Norvegian .
I also think it's impossible to buy these papers, for us Belgian .
Have a lovely weekend

Magda sa...

Hi Gro,
I had no idea ! Congratulation on these amazing papers!!
Thank you for the information.
I will try to find them.
Have a lovely week-end